Is chiropractic only for back pain?

Beyond the Back

Chiropractors have been dubbed as "Back Doctors". However, it's not the back itself that we are concerned with. Under the skin and muscles of the back are your back bones (spinal column) which house and protect your life line-the SPINAL CORD. There are 24 moveable bones of your spinal column and when they misalign could put pressure on the nerves that exit between them. When this happens the end organs (heart, lungs, thyroid, legs, etc) do not get the intended message at 100%, thus creating dysfunction within your body. Dysfunction in your body could show up as pain, tingling, numbness, diabetes, heart disease, headaches, thyroid problems, auto immune issues etc.

How come when our bodies don't perform the way we want them to, regardless of how we are treating them, we tend to look outside of ourselves for the fix or cure?? Why do we think that a pill, potion or lotion will fix things from the outside in? This approach tends to cover up the symptom or ailment  temporarily, but does not fix the problem.  It's like putting tape over an illuminated oil light in your car. You don't see the light anymore but nothing is changed until you actually change the oil. It's backward thinking. If medications were what was keeping us healthy, our nation would not be listed as the 37th healthiest nation in the world, infant mortality would not be so high and the healthier population would be the ones that are taking medications. This is FAR from the case.

Our bodies communicate to us with symptoms. It is always trying to get to a state of balance (homeostatis). Your brain manages the duties of the other 70 to 100 trillion cells in the body as we go about our daily lives. There is an inborn intelligence that exists within us that has been running our bodies since the moment of conception. It's the intelligence that not only brought together an egg and sperm but in 9 months allowed for two cells to be formed into a human baby. It's this intelligence that beats our hearts, digests our food, blinks our eyes and so on. Did you know that the reason for getting a fever is because the body innately knows it has to raise the internal body temperature to kill virus and bacteria that cannot survive at a certain temperature? It's ridiculous to think that the first thing we do is to take a pill to reduce fevers. It's been proven that interferon is a chemical that is produced WITHIN OUR BODIES when we have high fevers to protect our cells from mutating abnormally (cancer). This chemical is the best cancer fighting agent that we know of, yet scientists cannot figure out how to produce it in a lab. Your body manufactures the most powerful drugs in the world internally. The BEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD LIES WITHIN YOU and knows what to do in every single circumstance.

As chiropractors we detect and correct misalignments (subluxations) that interfere with this inborn intelligence which allow for a properly and optimally functioning body.

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